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Take the loss

Take the loss so you can move on quicker to better things. It’s frustrating and sometimes painful to admit a loss, admit things aren’t going to go the way we wanted them to. We worked so hard and were so … Continue reading

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Finding Your Investment Style

I’m going to be up front, based on the research I’ve done and considering my lifestyle and values, I believe value investing is the best form of investing style for the long term and building substantial wealth. However, I know … Continue reading

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Spark Your Frugal Creativity by Imagining a New Standard

What if you absolutely had to spend significantly more on housing or another expense? How would you get by? This article is all about putting yourself in a creative state of mind for money savings. A few years ago I … Continue reading

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Leveling Up

How many people do you know that significantly changed their socio economic status? People who went from working two minimum wage jobs and feeding their kids fried bologna sandwiches, to changing class levels and moving onto dropping their kids off … Continue reading

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Conscious Spending and Budgeting for Wealth

Honestly, it took me years to find and personalize a budget that worked for me. I started trying to budget my money when I was 16 years old and had started my first job. I never really found one that … Continue reading

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My Mission and Vision

  My Mission: Giving you tips, tricks, and ideas I’ve developed and learned through personal experience to help you become stable and wealthy by reducing your debt, increasing your income, and improving your confidence in investing. My Vision: By helping … Continue reading

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