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3 simple, yet valuable ways to save money

Pay yourself first I first heard the concept of paying yourself first from the book The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason. The simplicity is profound. I really went round and round for years, expecting to save what … Continue reading

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Slow down to earn more

What’s more important controlling your spending or earning more, when trying to increase your wealth? In my experience, you can’t out earn a bad-spending habit. Certain amounts of people have great spending habits instilled in them at a young age … Continue reading

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Handle your business

It’s Sunday morning and the anxiety is building. I know I’ve procrastinated all my schoolwork and today will be my last chance to get the work done and turned in for credit. My instinct is to avoid my responsibilities even … Continue reading

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5 Tips to get out of debt

Getting out of debt is an amazing feeling, but trying to, especially since many of us have never been out of debt our entire adult lives, may seem almost impossible. Below are the main tips that worked for me to … Continue reading

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Make $500 this weekend

So you want to make $500 this weekend? Here’s how to do it. Start an eBay account. Go through your closet, find stuff you don’t wear or use anymore. Look for name brand items that are in good condition. Take … Continue reading

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Why do you want to be wealthy?

Think about it. Why do you really want to be wealthy? What is your motivation behind wanting to learn how to save more money or get better returns on investments? Digging deep in ourselves to understand why we’re motivated to … Continue reading

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Take the loss

Take the loss so you can move on quicker to better things. It’s frustrating and sometimes painful to admit a loss, admit things aren’t going to go the way we wanted them to. We worked so hard and were so … Continue reading

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