Finding Your Investment Style


May your investing research give your future as much promise as this glorious morning sky view in San Jose

I’m going to be up front, based on the research I’ve done and considering my lifestyle and values, I believe value investing is the best form of investing style for the long term and building substantial wealth. However, I know people have different goals, skills, and personality traits, so I don’t want to discredit other investing styles. I do believe you should research the different investing styles, reflect on them, decide on a style, and consistently stick to it with periodic check ins to see if it still resonates with you.

Consistency is important. It will give you time to fully develop your skill set. Don’t be quickly swayed by differing opinions. Consider all advice, but designate a time, maybe yearly, to evaluate your investing style again. Otherwise you risk switching from style to style quickly, without giving yourself a chance to flourish. It’s like constantly uprooting a flower to put it in a better environment; yes, some environments are better, but the act of uprooting the flower for minor improvements is more damaging than giving it a chance to grow in its current environment.

Step one in determining your investment style is to think about your goals and how much time you want to spend towards investing. Consider the following questions to help you determine what investment style might work for you:

  • Do you want consistent income in the form of dividend payments?
  • Do you want lower taxes taken out of your investment earnings by holding onto investments greater than one year?
  • Do you want to spend several hours researching a company prior to investing, but then have the assurance that the company has strong financials and even if the stock drops some, will come back over time?
  • Do you want to make potentially large amounts of money quickly?
  • Are you ok with having to check in on your investments several times a week?

Step two is to consider your self-reflection from step one, while researching different investment styles. Below I dive into some details of two of the prominent investing styles: growth and value investing.

UntitledInformation about growth and value investing was found on the Investopedia website, located at and

This is quick overview of two prominent investment styles. Take some time to look more into one that resonates with you. Start small with investing and learn more with each purchase. Best of luck to you on your investing journey!

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Spark Your Frugal Creativity by Imagining a New Standard


Sun Voyager Sculpture in Reykjavik, Iceland – Intended to convey the promise of undiscovered territory, a dream of hope, progress, and freedom.

What if you absolutely had to spend significantly more on housing or another expense? How would you get by? This article is all about putting yourself in a creative state of mind for money savings.

A few years ago I planned a trip to Iceland. It was a fantastic trip and everywhere I turned I saw something new and enchanting from the landscape to the citizens behavior towards women. One of the many interesting things was the cost of food. For a bowl of stew, which seemed to be sometimes the only option in a town, the cost in US dollars was nearly $20. I had always associated prices like that with luxurious living, but it was just the norm there. People still went on living their lives and adapted to the price of food.

I’ve also experienced living in a part of the country where the average cost of a one bedroom apartment was $917 to a part of the country where the average was $2,483. This is without a significant difference in salary. That experience greatly improved my frugal creativity.

My point is, when forced to, you can find money hidden in your habits that could be be saved and invested painlessly.

Take Sweden for example. Their average savings rate from 1999 to 2017 is 12.89%, compared to the United States’ of 8.3% from 1959-2017. Yet the price of food is more expensive. For example, a BigMac costs 4% more in Sweden than in the United States. How are Swedes able to save more when they’re spending more on food?

I know it’s not as easy as looking at a couple numbers and coming to the conclusion that our saving skills are bad, but maybe there is still something to learn from evaluating the habits of countries and cities that are able to save more even amongst a higher cost of living.

So here’s an exercise to fine tune us into sleek and clever savings masters.

  1. Pull up your budget (creating a budget advice can be found here!)
  2. Pretend you moved to San Jose, CA and change your housing cost to the average for that size of apartment size or house in San Jose.
  3. Now go through all other expenses and write down where you could save money to accommodate for this increase in housing cost. Maybe you have to make several changes to your budget such as, find a cheaper cell phone plan, eat out less or at cheaper restaurants, buy toiletries at the dollar store, etc. You may also consider new ways to make money. Continue to evaluate expenses until you are able to afford living in San Jose.
  4. Go through the list created in step 3 and see if any of the expense reducing and income increasing ideas seem mostly painless and would not significantly reduce your quality of life.
  5. Enact the painless money saving ideas discovered and redirect those savings to your savings account.

In a month come back to this exercise and do it again; you will find even more ways to save that do not significantly change your quality of life and are painless.


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Leveling Up


California palms trees are always good to see

How many people do you know that significantly changed their socio economic status? People who went from working two minimum wage jobs and feeding their kids fried bologna sandwiches, to changing class levels and moving onto dropping their kids off at private school and picking up not just a coffee, but also those expensive breakfast sandwiches at a coffee shop on their way to their job that has health insurance and a quality 401k matching plan. Based off of research and if you’re in America, then I would say you don’t know too many people who’ve had that change in lifestyle. In America, half of all children born into extreme poverty stay in extreme poverty.

I don’t want to discourage anyone, but what I’m leading to is that we can’t wait for politicians to work out the issues of our country’s limited and difficult social mobility. The issue could be our extreme incarceration rate, systemic racism, classism, access to quality education, access to health care, or a combination of all those things and more. If you’re called to activism, you can work on solving those issues, but in the meantime we still have to find a way to get to the next level. I have some ideas. Are you ready to do this?

  1. Imagine a different standard. If you want to level up, you have to take your mind to a place it hasn’t been. Perhaps you haven’t been around millionaires or billionaires. Perhaps you haven’t been around people who aren’t in debt and make six figures a year, but you want to be at that level. It will be difficult to get to that level if you keep following the behaviors and habits that everyone around you follows. You have to be different. You have to imagine a different standard. How would someone who is a millionaire behave if they were you and in your current situation?
  2. Be patient. As you’re developing new behaviors and habits, it might take some time for you to see the improvement you’re looking for. I can say from experience that changing your fitness, eating habits, improving your communication, etc. to make lasting change, has taken some time. Steadily keeping my ideal goal in mind and gently working on one habit at a time, profound change eventually took root.
  3. Trust in the process. Leave the stress for those big moves you’re going to make. There is less stress when you truly believe in your future. And you should truly believe. Why not you? It might not happen exactly when or how you want it to, but believe it will happen and you will have an intoxicating calmness. And remember, you have to get better at not letting little problems bother you. If you can solve the problem easily, do it, and don’t talk or complain about it anymore. Imagine a future where you’re making million dollar deals and working with international partners. In that future, you don’t have the time or energy to spend 30 mins complaining about the flat tire you got or that rude coworker who keeps interrupting you. You’re going to be so successful; have compassion on the people who bother you and who don’t respond to calm communication, they’re struggling to work through their own issues.
  4. Wake up early and read. I try not to be too specific in my advice because I know everyone is different and has to follow their own path, but this habit was so significant in changing my trajectory that I want to strongly encourage you to wake up 30 mins to an hour before you have to get ready for the day, find a comfortable spot, grab a coffee, tea or whatever and crack open a book that speaks to where you are in your process. Some of my book recommendations are: Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, Crucial Conversations by Joseph Grenny, Al Swizzler, and Ron McMillan, and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.
  5. Ask someone who is better than you for advice. This helped my career extensively. I used to be so competitive that is was hurting my success. I would be so competitive with my peers or even those ahead of me that I would never ask anyone for help. However, one day I got over my pride and asked someone at a higher level, to give me advice. She agreed and ended up giving me tips to significantly improve my performance. To this day, if anyone is good at anything I try to ask them to teach me about what they do. It has definitely sped up my progress. And sometimes people are only better than you in one area. That’s ok, you can still learn from them in that area. You don’t have to take all the advice, just listen to them in the areas they are excellent at.

Let me know if you have tried any of these tips, and if you have additional leveling up tips, please post them in the comments for myself and others to read. This is a team effort ❤

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Conscious Spending and Budgeting for Wealth


Santa Cruz views will you give you a peaceful feeling just like conscious spending will 🙂

Honestly, it took me years to find and personalize a budget that worked for me. I started trying to budget my money when I was 16 years old and had started my first job. I never really found one that worked for me until just a few years ago.

I let a lot of money slip through my fingers by not keeping track of where it was going. Maybe because we have a capitalist society where businesses are coming up with more and more clever ways to get us to absent mindedly spend our money on their products or maybe it’s just the way that money flows, but it has a tendency to wander off to other people and businesses when you’re not staying aware of your money.

There is more than one way to stay aware of your money. One way is by making conscious purchases. Thinking to yourself before you spend money:

“Does this purchase make me feel good?”

“Is this item or service needed?”

“Is it worth the amount of time I have to work to earn the money to pay for it?”

“Will this item or service help me create the life of my dreams?”

If your answer is no to the majority of those questions, you may be better off saving, investing, or spending your money elsewhere.

Another way to be aware of your money is by creating a budget.

The problems I had with budgets in the past, were:

Problem #1: I get paid weekly, but my bills are monthly and not all on the same day. I can’t just pay all my bills at once and see how much I have left over.

Solution: Divide all monthly bills by 4 and subtract from your weekly paycheck to know how much remaining you have each week. Then pay your bills when needed, and if you’re sticking to the budget, you know how much money you can spend on whatever you want each week.

Problem #2: I can’t keep track of how much I should save for my expenses that are not monthly. For example, ones that are every other month, yearly, every 6 weeks, etc. Such as car registration (yearly) or getting my hair done (every 8 weeks).

Solution: Create a list for all the expenses that are less than every month, such as yearly or twice a year. Then divide that total amount by 52 weeks and add it as a line item in your weekly expense list. That way you know your bank account will have the money needed when the expense shows up.

Below is a simple budget example I created in Excel that has been working well for me for the past three years.

Sample budget

It might take some time to figure out a method that works for you to budget your money, but keep trying. Each month set aside some time to enjoy a tasty beverage and evaluate how your budgeting is going. Write out the problem you’re having and get creative in figuring out how to solve it. Little by little you’ll improve your budgeting skills. One thing to remember though is, even if you haven’t figured out budgeting yet, always put a set amount or percentage of your money into a retirement account or into an investment that you can’t easily access. Like I said, for some reason if we don’t consciously pay ourselves first, there is no money left at the end to pay ourselves.


My favorite tasty beverage to sip while reviewing my finances: guava kombucha and lime ❤

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My Mission and Vision


Enjoying a walk on a beautiful, bright, and shiny California day.


My Mission:

Giving you tips, tricks, and ideas I’ve developed and learned through personal experience to help you become stable and wealthy by reducing your debt, increasing your income, and improving your confidence in investing.

My Vision:

By helping people become more financially stable, I hope to open up their career and life opportunities to pursue their passion. I believe when people pursue their passion they are able to share their incredibly unique brilliance that will lead to the betterment of society.

And I will also probably find a way to insert far too many pictures of my nails…

Version 2

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